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We believe in individuals taking control of their own career SEN teaching jobs London decisions. People can only do this when they are well informed, with access to the right lessons tools, knowledge and networks to help develop their skills and fuel their desire to succeed.

Here at Success Unlimited we're passionate about identifying, understanding and dealing with workplace bullying. In fact, we're passionate job in teaching about bullying wherever it occurs - at work, in school, in relationships, in the family, in the home, in the neighbourhood or in the community. We're also passionate about writing and publishing enriching and uplifting books that heal the world from the abuse of bullying and its psychiatric injury of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD

So was born the head and heart of George, the faded, alcoholic drag queen at the centre of Apples and Ladders' suburban fable of isolation and redemption.

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Success Unlimited is where Tim Field shares with you his experience and insight into bullying and its consequences. You can invest in a signed copy of Tim's pioneering book Bully in Sight: how to predict, resist, challenge and combat Arts Jobs workplace bullying, get hold of the latest edition of best-selling PTSD book Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: the invisible injury by David Kinchin, and obtain a copy of the Neil Marr and Tim Field's unique book Bullycide: death at playtime which explains how and why bullying drives children to suicide.